Laura Naumann

Laura Naumann,  M.Ad. Ed.


St. Lawrence College – Kingston

Experience in college: 27 years in Ontario College system, 12 in administration, 2 Colleges

Areas of interest/expertise:  For the past twenty-seven years, Laura  has had the opportunity to develop mutually beneficial relationships both within the education system as well as in the local communities while providing leadership and direction to various staff groups working towards an optimal student experience. Her various positions, including her current role as Registrar at St. Lawrence College, have allowed for her to participate on both local and provincial college committees, and actively affect change, develop staff and lead new initiatives. Key areas of expertise include process development, change management and  SEM.  She is also dedicated to personal development and lifelong learning.

Personal Interests/extra-curricular activities:   Family time, running, reading and learning to play the violin she just bought because it seemed like a good idea!