Strategic Plan

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Strategic Priorities

  • Advocate to senior management at colleges and to the Committee of Presidents to promote awareness of issues relevant to administrators.
  • Launch the “Ask/Tell OCASA” discussion forum.
  • Create a supportive process for administrators to build their career roadmap.


OCASA is indispensable to Ontario college leaders.


Connecting, supporting, and advancing management and leadership in Ontario colleges.


Professionalism | Excellence | Integrity | Collegiality


Network Support

A vital community of practice engages administrators across the system supporting their skills development.

  • Peer/interest groups engage cross-college leadership
  • Regional and professional development events expand networks of common interest
  • Best practices are shared for system learning, growth and efficiencies
  • Expert resources are identified for training support

Career Support

Current and future administrators find meaningful support in their learning, leading and workplace goals.

  • Learning pathway resources and information support advancement
  • Cross-college mentoring opportunities enhance professional growth
  • Career coaching, resources and tools augment career development
  • Management essentials training equips newer managers for sector practice

Leadership Support

OCASA products and services enhance leadership capacity across the system, promoting innovation and strategic management.

  • Leadership development programs support the Leadership Capability Framework*
  • System orientation resources ensure sector understanding for administrators
  • Research and resources equip administrators with relevant sector information
  • Professional interests of college administrators are promoted

Leadership Capability Framework as developed by Knightsbridge Human Capital Solutions for the Ontario college system.


Membership is open to administrators within Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts &Technology/Institutes of Technology & Advanced Learning and other publicly funded colleges/institutions in Canada. For complete information, visit the Membership page.

Commitment to Professionalism

  1. OCASA members are committed to the highest standard of professional conduct, acting with excellence and integrity. In the course of their duties, OCASA members aim to work in a manner that supports and promotes the strategic objectives of their local college and the work of their colleagues across the province.
  2. OCASA, as an association, is committed to supporting its members in their professional goals through advocacy, encouraging professional development, providing regular communications and facilitating opportunities for networking and mentoring. To this end, OCASA is committed to working collaboratively and cooperatively with college partners while also upholding the highest standard of professional conduct, acting with excellence and integrity.