Consultation Service


OCASA Members have access to legal services and job evaluation services. OCASA members have up to 2 hours of free legal services related to employment matters and they have access to a job evaluation expert at an OCASA preferred rate of $75/hour.  

Members can be assured that the client privilege of confidentially is maintained when accessing these services. OCASA only receives basic member information when members contact the OCASA office to use these services. OCASA then confirms member status and makes the referral to the appropriate professional. All calls are held in the strictest confidentiality. 


There is no tenure restriction on accessing job evaluation services, however you need to be a member of OCASA for at least 6 months to receive free legal services. If you’re a member for less than that duration, the service will be provided on a prorated basis. This service is not offered to non-members.

Legal matters that do not fall within the OCASA legal service policy will not be eligible. If you would like to clarify the eligibility requirements, contact the OCASA office:, 1.866.742.5429 

How do I access these services?

Legal – up to 2 hours free 

OCASA has secured the legal services of Rodney Employment Law to provide employment law advice for members.  The lawyers at Rodney Employment Law have extensive experience dealing with all types of workplace issues. 

If you are a member and you need legal advice related to your employment at the college, you can receive 2 hours of legal services paid by OCASA. In order to seek legal counsel, you need to take the following steps: 

  • Contact the OCASA office for a referral to legal counsel at 1-866-742-5429 or You’re eligible for this service if you’ve been a member of OCASA for at least 6 months.
  • If you’re eligible, the office will complete the referral process and connect you with legal counsel. You will need this referral to access counsel.
  • Members can be assured that the client privilege of confidentially is maintained when accessing legal services. OCASA only assesses eligibility and provides the referral. All enquiries are held in the strictest confidentiality.
  • If you require additional counsel after 2 hours you will need to enter into a separate contract with counsel. If you choose to continue with Rodney Employment Law, OCASA members have a preferred member rate of $375 per hour.

Job Evaluation – Preferred rate of $75 


JFS Evaluation from John Guilfoyle 

Your OCASA membership entitles you to the services of expert John Guilfoyle at the preferred OCASA rate of $75 per hour. One hour is sufficient for most consultations. Additional consultation is available at the same hourly rate. In order to receive the preferred rate, you will need a referral from the OCASA office. Just contact the OCASA office;, or 1.866.742.5429 

John will provide the services below. 

  1. Read through the full JFS, plus supporting email documentation, if any, to get an overall feel for the position and the reason for the evaluation.
  2. Carefully read section-by-section, highlighting relevant information, duplication, inconsistencies, missing information, typos, etc.
  3. Evaluate the JFS, using the CAAT Job Evaluation System for Non-bargaining Unit Employees (Reissued by the Ontario Council of Regents by the Queens Printer, October 2001 
  4. Translate the total points to one of 17 CAAT Payband
  5. Cross-reference the evaluation with a Reference Job, if available, from the Revised Reference Job Evaluation Manual, (2007). 
  6. If substantial differences are found, review and possibly revise the evaluation.
  7. Forward Points, CAAT Payband Level and notes to OCASA member.


John Guilfoyle O.N.C., B.A., M.Ed. Biography: 

Mr. Guilfoyle spent 34 years at Mohawk College, retiring as Director, Corporate Services. He served three terms as a Governor of Mohawk College, he was the first president of Mohawk College Administrative Staff Association, and a founding director of OCASA. Mr Guilfoyle’s  job evaluation background includes the following: 

  1. Original member of the CAAT Job Evaluation System committee
  2. Served 10 years as Chair of the Hay System job evaluation committee at Mohawk. This was precursor to the CAAT Job Evaluation System
  3. Chaired the Mohawk College local evaluation committee for 16 years
  4. Served as the OCASA representative on the Advisory Committee that updated the CAAT Job Evaluation System.
  5. Chaired the Support Staff job evaluation committee at Mohawk.